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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Written Tutorial-How to Make A Shapebook in Make The Cut!

I have written another tutorial for using with the Make the Cut software. This tutorial will show you how to make a shapebook like the one pictured above. For ease, I have only created a 6 page book with only using 5 elements. You can create these books with as many pages as you desire that will fit on your mat and with as many elements as you have pages. The pages sizes in this tutorial are used for this demonstration, your pages can also be adjusted to the width and height that you desire.
To download this tutorial click HERE!
If you would like the MTC image used in the book:
For the Picnic Basket click HERE!
For the Sub-sandwich click HERE!
For the Ant click HERE!
For the Watermelon click HERE!
NOTE:!!! After making this tutorial, I left one step out that you will need for using these images in this book, this may not be necessary for any other images used. For the pieces that are welded to the pages, after making your second copy and removing it, using the first copy, break the image and remove all of the pieces except the background piece. This is the piece you will want to "weld" to the book. For some reason with these images, when I tried to weld the pieces the parts that were on the page welded, the parts off of the page did not weld.
Hope this tutorial helps you in creating these books. If you find that I need to elaborate more on a specific part of this tutorial or you are having difficulty with the tutorial, please leave me a comment so that I can help.

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  1. These shape books are SO cute! Thank you for sharing.