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***All .mtc files are layered and ready to cut. Any .svg files are ready to be worked on-not layered for cut. ***

Monday, March 29, 2010

More Borders

NOTE:.....When you download these files, I have the images locked. On the Layers Property box click on the global lock at the bottom to unlock all images to move them around on the mat for cutting. **You will have to move the ones that are placed on the edge of the mat to move them from the grey/shaded border around the mat. Please leave me a comment if there are any problems so that I can help. Thanks, Sandy
And here are few more....I am having so much fun creating these.

Click HERE for the .mtc file


  1. SANDY! All I can say is Martha Stewart has her work cut out for her!! These are terrific and you opened a whole new world of borders to me! Thanks to you and Rob (Scrappydew)...this is so cool and sooo easy!!! TFS!

  2. Oh - I LOVE all of your borders! Thank you for sharing them with us.....

  3. Thanks, Sandy! They are so cute. ...Julie

  4. thanks for sharing your awesome borders - how did you do these. I played around after watching Rob's video but didn't come up with anything this cute. How did you get the words inside the border? Thanks for sharing. jjred40@yahoo.com

  5. Thanks Sandy. These are great.