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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baby Shower ShapeBook, continued

This new version of MTC has made it so easy to do shapebooks now. With the prior versions you had to have a separate file for each page. With this new version and the layers feature, you can do it all on one page. I have put together this Baby Shower shapebook. For the picture below, I have the "eye" open on all pages to show the effects of the book and the layout of the pages. If you will notice at the bottom of this page are all of the page elements that will be cut.

As you see in the picture above, all of the elements are on top of each other and I know you are wondering how do I cut them. But if you click on the "global eye" at the bottom of the Layers property box, it will close all layers and make them invisible so that your Cricut will not cut them. Then as you begin to do a page, click the "eye" on that layers page and it will only show the items to cut for that page, as shown below in the next picture. So for this picture you can move the pieces around if needed to like colors of cardstock on your real mat. Remember when cutting out shape books you will need to cut a second copy of the page layer for the back of the page.
To cut the back of the page, you will need to place your cardstock face down on the mat and then cut the page layer again. You will not need to cut the elements again. Another option is to "flip" the page layer and then you can place your cardstock face up and cut.
In this file, with the elements being attached to the Page layers, you do not have an option to make just the "elements" invisible, so you will either need to move these to their own layer, or I find it easier to open up a new page in MTC, and then just do a copy of the page layer, click on the new page and do a Paste in Place, then cut using one of the two options above for the back of the page.
The Layer Properties box. I have labeled each "grouping" by Page numbers and within the Pages are the Page Layer itself and the elements for that page.

This shape book would be a great gift to give at a Baby Shower. After cutting the book, you can bind the book; my choice is to use my Bind-It-All, you may have another preference. Then you will want to create other page elements such as tags, mats for pictures, etc.
Some examples to include in the book could be: copy of the shower invitation, guests that attended, presents received, games played, refreshments served, etc.

Hope you like it and find it useful.

If you would like this .mtc file, please click HERE.


  1. Great site. Love what you have created. I'm new to MTC so it's nice to see what you've done and then try it for myself. thanks

  2. I love this - my boyfriend's sister in law is having a baby and I am not sure she is having a shower but I think I will make this for her anyways!!!

  3. Very cute! Thanks for offering the file.

  4. Thank you for the file....It is still available!
    Love your blog....