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Friday, March 12, 2010

MTC Beta Test is here!!

The new 2.03 version of MTC is now out for Beta Testing. It is not "officially" out yet. However, if anyone would like to start testing it out and giving feedback on it, you can download this version by clicking "HERE" and make sure to give feedback to the forum.

Here is my Review for now. (I am still testing and making my way through it)

This is going to be a great version. Working through the Beta testing I have found several things have changed.
The Objects Property box has been replaced with a Layers Box.

The Layers box is wonderful and makes choosing layers and coloring the layers so much easier. You no longer have to do a Shift-Tab to move through the different pieces.

The warp feature has changed. You no longer have a box that will open with the warp feature. Now you click on the image and you will see "arrows" all around the box. By clicking on these arrows, this now is the "warp" feature. You will need to click on it through a three-part cycle. The cycles are the "sizing", the "rotation" and the "warping". Click on the arrow until it allows you to get to the function you want to perform.

The Boolean Join function has changed slightly. Instead of a box coming up and having a preview in the box, the "preview" is now directly on the mat. Once you have your two images selected, and click on the Boolean button a small line box will come up. When you go through the different choices it will put the choice on the mat for you to see, if you decide you like the feature, then click on the mat to accept it. If you find that those choices do not work for what you are wanting to do, then just click the "X" on the box and it will restore your image back to what it was before you started the Boolean join.

There is a "Snap" function which I have not had a chance yet to play with, so not quite sure I understand what that does....well not yet anyway. Will be playing a little later.

A couple of things missing on this version and hoping Andy (the creator of MTC) puts these back in are the "Select All" button on the Shapes toolbar, the Scale is gone which was used to make an image an exact size.

I am not quite sure at this time if I will make tutorials for these changes, as Andy stated that he is working on a manual to put out. So will see....

Back to playing.....

EDITED: .....The Snap feature is soooo cool....it is like an invisible ruler, and when you "slowly" move your image it will move over/down/up, etc in the increments you have chosen. If you choose 1 inch, your image will move 1 inch everytime. If you choose 1/8 inch it will move by 1/8 inch as you move it. The KEY TO THIS is you have to move it slowly to see the effects....if you move the image to fast it will not really "register" as to what it is doing.

Also the "nudge" feature works differently now...you just use the arrow keys (up/down/left/right) to move "nudge" the images.

Love this new version.

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