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Monday, March 8, 2010

More Wall Art for my Work Office

We just moved into our new office building mid-December and already the middle of the building in some offices and hallways has developed a crack. My office is one of those. They have repaired the "cracks" in the hallways, but I believe they have forgotten about the offices. Everyone that stops by says....did you know you have a crack in the top of your wall.....well yeah.....So I decided to do a little more art on my wall to show off maybe the "humor" in the crack......(So, drip, drip, drip.) What do you think....see the humor? LOL!!!

A close-up shot:

Everyone that has stopped by this morning is laughing and loving this...... (I have laid the water drops in the open spaces so that I could save on the vinyl (Well contact paper-Black Faux Contact Paper purchased from Home Depot.) The water drops were easy to just pull off of the backing....no need for transfer paper for them...so cut them out and just use the transfer backing on the little boy and pond.
Hope you enjoyed this, and if anything got a laugh for the day.
Have a great day.....and will be having more things to share soon.

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