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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Tuesday

I have not updated in awhile. I got caught up in the Facebook craze of playing the games, was especially addicted to Frontierville.....it took over my life. No crafting, reading, anything. I have taken hold of my life again and pushed Facebook to the side. I will check in periodically to keep up with friends but it is back to what I like to do....crafting.

Some of you may have heard recently that the lawsuit between MTC and Provocraft was just settled and MTC will no longer support the Cricut machines. I still have the latest version of MTC. It has been said that as long as you don't update, you can still use MTC with your Cricut machines. I don't plan on updating for now. I have decided to boycott, along with many others, Provocraft and refuse to purchase any more of their products. I believe this was a huge mistake on PC's part. So just in case something goes haywire and my copy of MTC will no longer work with my Expression forcing me back to just cartridges, I decided to take an alternative route to keep my own creative freedom.

With that said, I am EXCITED to say that Bosskut was having a fantastic sale last week and part of this week on the Gazelle. And I caved. This is going to be my new toy for cutting. The reviews have been awesome and I am so looking forward to getting my package....where are you UPS man? I heard it even cuts a "full" 12 inch border, unlike the Expression that can't.

Hopefully soon, I will be adding more cut files to share and maybe even some tutorials or videos.
Have a Happy Tuesday!!!

My new Gazelle will be at its new home soon!!!


  1. I have also been considering the Gazelle because of the sale. My first choice was the Lynx. I have a day to think about it. Have fun with your new machine.

  2. Thanks Michelle. This sale is just to hard to pass up with the price and all of the extras. I saw on Amazon, where a used one was selling for $450.00. That was what made my final decision. I got a new one plus more for less.
    Good luck with whichever cutter you decide on.

  3. Do you have the files for the shape baby shower book to download? That is really cute. I am new to MTC so I have lots to learn. Thanks for sharing your files.

  4. HI Ornaments. Thanks for the wonderful comment. I am not really able to share the files for the baby shower book. Those images were taken from a cartridge that I don't have, so wouldn't feel comfortable about sharing. I took the images from CDS (which I also own) and did a print screen shot (just like any image on the net), moved them into Paint and cropped and saved as a .jpeg file. That is how I was able to use the images. Hope you understand and thank you again for your interest.